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Baltic Ventures makes an impact in Liverpool

Congratulations to everyone involved with Baltic Ventures for putting on a fabulous event today. Live music, great food, great company and some fantastic company presentations. This is what all business events should look like and thanks to Claire Lewis for doing such a great job of the accelerator.

Saw some great businesses all raising capital. 

Financielle - personal finance planning 

Birl - branded clothing reselling

Hexis - data driven personalised nutrition 

Gaia Learning - digital learning for SEN

Heatio - domestic power demand management 

Ittybit - video tools

Yuty® - ultra personalised beauty marketing 

Thank you to the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority for putting your money where your mouth is and supporting this, and other initiatives, and being uniquely ambitious for a UK combined authority, especially Ben Heywood

Congratulations to all founders on some great pitches. All you need now is a Liverpool Seed Fund to take these businesses to the next stage and cement their presence in Liverpool.

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