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Supporting Angel investors in Liverpool

We are very proud to have been instrumental in this Liverpool Combined Authority and MSIF support for business angel investing in Liverpool. A strong business angel group is a strong and vital component for a city region innovation ecosystem and capital market. By supporting a number of business angels through a high quality operation, diversity of investment appetite and volume support for the Liverpool economy is achieved.

Toki Ventures provided all the strategic R&D to develop the optimum new model for the enhanced LCR Angel Network and create the business case to obtain the funding.

The model is predicated on a network that is run by Angels for Angels. Angels who engage can enjoy a first class infrastructure and substantial resource for marketing and network operations. In return they agree to collaborate with each other and a few of them may participate in the strategic management of the network in an overall approach that is validated and exemplified by the best Angel Networks in the country.

If there are any business angels that are not already engaged with LCR Angels, but are interested in becoming so, please get in touch.

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