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Most VC and angel investment decisions are shrouded in uncertainty that cannot be resolved before a transaction is completed.  For example, consider the 2008 Series B investment round in Twitter; who then knew how that business would develop?

It is not just investors, entrepreneurs need to make these decisions too and you have so many things you need to consider, many of which are unknowable. 

This training content is completely unique, backed up by academic rigour and has been developed over a decade with Manchester Business School.  It is offered exclusively to clients of Toki Ventures or Manchester MBA students.

You will learn a process for systematically analysing a situation to identify the matters that make a difference, how to process them, deal with uncertainty and reach the conclusion that is right for you, in a way that is auditable and leads to transparent communication with stakeholders.

Please register your interest for 1:1 training, plenary sessions for your organisation or for the upcoming online sessions.

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