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Thorough planning at the start to achieve your best result.

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If you need to find the right way of raising or deploying capital, we will help you navigate your way to the a solution tailored to your organisations objectives and situation.

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Investment Fund Advisory

Raising any investment or funding vehicle for technology commercialisation is extremely challenging.  It is necessary to consider what the stakeholders actually need and combine this with an analysis of the investment opportunities that actually exist. 

We help define these starting points, use them to determine your optimum structure and then support you in implementation.

Commercial Research

All our advisory activities are made possible through access to the best market information.  When dealing with innovation and creativity, often the existing market knowledge is insufficient. 

We are experienced researchers, drawing from structured data sources and nearly always supplementing this with primary customer and stakeholder research.  This research function underpins all of our other activities.

Transaction Support

Some of our clients wish to make investments or acquisitions on an occasional basis, and so wish to obtain the specialist skill and experience of a seasoned investment professional.   

We help you obtain, interpret and use information to support your own decisions and objectives with a cost structure more supportive of small organisations or individuals. 

Start-up Fundraising and Support

Because we have been CEOs and CFOs, we understand the role that funding plays in every aspect of a business. 

We support entrepreneurs in planning for a fundraise and in execution.  If you need our help on a longer term basis, we can discuss acting as an NED or board advisor.


Making decisions dominated by uncertainty.  The origin of this training course arose a decade ago when Manchester Business School challenged to explain how VC decisions are made.  This is hard!  Over a decade this has been developed into a ground breaking training course for Manchester MBA students, clients of Toki and (coming soon) online.

Ideal for professionals making any decision to deploy significant resource in the context of unresolvable uncertainty, angel investors or entrepreneurs.

Accelerators, 3rd economy and social impact

There is currently an interesting cross-over occurring where the 3rd economy and impact sectors are learning from private sector commercial models, and vice versa.

Accelerators too, are developing portfolios of assets that require investment support.

Getting the balance right between leading on impact or leading on profit can be tricky, but how can you have your cake and eat it.  Situation evaluation and strategy development are key.


With years of experience, we are able to help universities design and implement strategic change and fundraising to support spin-out operations, including policy, new investment funds and evaluation processes

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Public and Private VC


Charities and 3rd economy


Healthcare and Life Sciences


Materials, engineering and Cleantech


University spin-outs


Start-ups and entrepreneurs


Corporate Venturing


Accelerators and incubators


R&D institutions

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