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What We Do

We help  organisations interested in health, environmental and digital technologies set the right strategy to secure investment.  We support the design, structuring and raising of venture capital funds and other investment models and we provide investment strategy development for R&D organisations and business accelerators by optimising business models. 

For entrepreneurs and start-ups, we support the alignment of business strategy to funding strategy. 

We are experts in Venture Capital, translational funding and innovation as well as start-up finance and operations.  We have been both investment managers and CEOs in numerous start-up companies.  

We work with fund managers, start-ups, larger companies, accelerators, incubators, universities, the 3rd economy and economic development organisations.

Our approach is to understand your situation in detail, consider your goals, as well as those of your stakeholders, and deliver primary research as required before layering our expertise and experience.  We deliver market understanding, strategic development and plans of action and we can support implementation. 

We also provide unique training in decision making in situations dominated by uncertainty, extremely common in the world of innovation and entrepreneurship.

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Our Services


Investment Fund Advisory

- New Fund Research

- 3rd economy and social impact investment models

- New fund marketing, structuring and raising

- Fund strategy and operations

- Business Angel support



- Primary market research and customer interviews

- Deal flow characterisaion

- Stakeholder analysis

- Technology evaluation



- Target identification
- Investment case research and development
- Investment structuring
- Negotiation
- Due diligence


Start-up Fundraising
and Support

- Situation evaluation
- Business plan and strategy development
- Fundraising planning, marketing and execution
- Transaction support



- Understanding uncertainty
- Strengths and weaknesses of modelling with uncertainty
- Processing decisions with radical uncertainty
- Using due diligence to drive negotiation
- Business Angel Support


Accelerators, 3rd economy and social impact

- Using private sector funding models to drive impact
- Using impact models to drive returns
- Case development
- Investment product structuring

Home: Services

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We have a local presence in North England, equidistant from Manchester, Leeds and Sheffield, as well as in Edinburgh.

We operate locally, nationally and internationally.

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